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New business models of real estate

The real estate market is today on the threshold of a new era. If this evolution is not yet very significant in terms of market share, it is clear that the real estate sector is gradually changing fundamentally and is gradually moving towards new models. Focus on new trends that could upset the real estate market of tomorrow...

The real estate market is evolving as society transforms, as Generation Y emerges and as digitization becomes more and more present in our daily lives. While the evolution is not as striking as that seen in other sectors, it should not be neglected. The purchase of real estate remains an exceptional act and buyers are still too often in age groups that are not among those most affected by disruptions that can be seen on other markets. One thing is certain, the revolution is on the move and is on the increase in the years to come.


Business leaders qualifications according to Hassan Hachem

If creating and running a company is a dream for many people, it must be recognized that it is a mission often exhilarating and difficult. The multiplicity of tasks, the need to be both in contact with the field while taking a step back to maintain a strategic vision are not easy things. Whether you are already a leader or you are in questioning to undertake it is always interesting to question your strengths and weaknesses in order to improve, train or find complementarity. Take the advices of a very successful business man, Hassan Hachem.